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A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can occur when some type of force strikes, fractures, or penetrates the skull. While different types of accidents can create the necessary force to cause this type of injury, car accidents are the leading cause. Traumatic brain injuries commonly occur in car traumatic brain injury scanaccidents when someone’s head strikes the windshield or steering wheel.

Although a skull fracture or penetration are commonly associated with this type of injury, it’s worth noting that a TBI can occur even when that specific trauma doesn’t occur. The reason it’s still possible to sustain a traumatic brain injury without any skull fracture or penetration is the force of an accident can cause an internal collision between the brain and skull. An internal collision with those parts of the head can result in a contusion or hemorrhage.

Since not every traumatic brain injury has signs that are externally visible, it’s important to know about traumatic brain injury symptoms and to see a doctor right away. Make sure you tell your doctor about any trauma to your head during the accident. Even if you feel fine at the time, there’s the possibility that you may have an injury that may appear later.

What to do After a Brain Injury

If you or a family member do sustain a traumatic brain injury, it’s important to take action immediately rather than try to “let it pass.” The most important thing you can do is seek treatment from your doctor and follow his or her advice. While it’s normal to be concerned about the large bills that may accompany specialized testing or treatments, your health is what matters most.

Once you or your family member are stable and are following all directions provided by your doctor, you should take the time to discuss your accident with a San Antonio brain injury lawyer. The most common mistake people in this situation make is jumping directly into dealing with an insurance company.

While there are plenty of insurance representatives who give the impression that they’re on the side of injury victims, the reality is they’re going to do what’s best for their employer. If you want to ensure fair and equal representation when dealing with an insurance company, you need a knowledgeable lawyer on your side.

Choose a San Antonio Brain Injury Lawyer That Will Fight for You

As in other injury cases resulting from accidents, victims of traumatic brain injuries are often entitled to financial compensation. Don’t fight the insurance company alone. We will aggressively defend your best interests. Contact our office for a free consultation. You don’t pay a penny unless we recover money for you.

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