Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer

San Antonio Motorcycle Accident Attorney

In most cases, Texas law treats motorcycles just like any other type of vehicle on the road. Riders must obey the same traffic rules and laws as other drivers, and operators of all types vehicles are responsible for the safety of their passengers.

However, there is a big difference between motorcycles, cars, trucks, and other four-wheeled vehicles when it comes to collisions. In almost all motorcycle accidents, the cyclist sustains more serious injuries than occupants of any kind of passenger vehicle. After all, bikes don’t come with protective steel frames, airbags, or crumple zones like today’s cars and trucks do. If you or a loved one has been injured in a collision, motorcycle accident lawyer Ronald Ramos can help.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Accidents are frequently caused by vehicle drivers who:

  • turn left without properly assessing the speed of an oncoming rider
  • change lanes into a space which is already occupied by a rider
  • rear-end a rider at a traffic light due to a lack of adequate following space
  • proceed through a four-way stop intersection without noticing a bike that has the right-of-way
  • step out of a car after parking next to a curb and fail to check for passing bikes first
  • text, surf, or talk on a mobile phone and drift into an adjacent lane occupied by a motorcyclist
  • driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs

Motorcyclists are Misunderstood

Unfortunately, bike riders are often saddled with an inaccurate stereotype in Texas. Some people believe that those who ride motorcycles are reckless, dangerous, and lawless; and therefore should be blamed for most collisions. This misconception sometimes makes it difficult for injured riders to collect compensation for their injuries.

How Can a San Antonio Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Help?

We understand that bikers are regular Texans who are just as safe and careful as drivers of passenger vehicles. We know that the majority of motorcyclists take safety courses, wear protective equipment, face dangers that vehicle drivers don’t, and are more likely to be injured in any collision. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident that was the fault of someone else, please contact our office to set up your free consultation.