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Recently, a pedestrian who was struck and killed by a Capital Metro Bus in Austin. The bus accident took place on the night of September 14th, and it has also been reported that the bus driver was cited in relation to the accident. Austin police cited the driver for failure to yield right of way in a crosswalk. The accident is tragic and a reminder that buses can be very dangerous for both pedestrians and occupants of other vehicles. When bus drivers are not taking proper precautions, everyone can be at risk. If you have been in an accident with a bus, an experienced San Antonio accident attorney can help.

Bus Accident Injuries

If you are using or driving near a city bus, you reasonably expect that bus and the bus driver will conform to the most stringent safety standards possible. After all, the bus is operating as a public service, it is entirely fair to expect high standards from the. Unfortunately, too often city buses fall far short of adequate safety standards. Some examples of negligent safety failures on the part of city buses include:

  • Poorly Maintained Buses: Buses are extremely large can it is dangerous if they are properly maintained. A bus is legally required to undergo and pass comprehensive safety inspections. If you have been injured by a poorly maintained bus you may have a valid legal claim.
  • Negligent Bus Driving: Bus drivers are trained professionals and they must drive like professionals. Their vehicle is large and inherently more dangerous than a car, negligent driving can cause serious injury to pedestrians and other motorists.
  • Inadequate Hiring or Training: The bus operator has a legal duty to make certain that the drivers they put on the road are true professional. If the bus operator is hiring individuals who are not qualified or not properly training their drivers, they may be liable for an accident.

Suing a Government Entity is Different

City buses have some special rules, this is because generally a city bus is operated by a government entity. For instance, in the greater San Antonio metropolitan area, the buses are operated by VIA Metropolitan Transit. There are very strict deadlines for filing a lawsuit against a public bus company or a municipality. If you are going to sue a government entity you need the services of a personal injury attorney who has the experience to understand how to deal with this type of specialized case.

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