Airbag Defects

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Dangerous and defective airbags can cause serious injuries when drivers and passengers least expect them. From random deployment to deploying with explosive force and sending shrapnel flying through the vehicle cabin, airbag malfunctions are extremely dangerous, and they occur with alarming frequency.

Originally discovered in 2014, the Takata airbag scandal led to the largest recall in automotive history. As of 2017, vehicles are still being fixed, and more vehicles are still being recalled. More than 40 million vehicles in the United States are expected to be affected, and the backlog for replacement inflators means that millions of people are being forced to drive with defective airbags.

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Of course, the Takata airbag inflator issue is not the only issue that is to blame for airbag-related accidents and injuries. Dangerous and defective airbags are a potential concern for all motorists, and anyone who suspects that a faulty airbag may have caused or contributed to their injuries should seek legal representation promptly. San Antonio injury lawyer Ronald A. Ramos brings decades of experience to representing accident victims and their families. He can determine if a defective airbag played a role in your accident; and, if an automobile or airbag manufacturer is liable for your injuries, he will go to court to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Common Issues Resulting from Airbag Defects

Defective airbags can cause dangerous accidents, and they can cause serious injuries when they deploy improperly (or fail to deploy) after a collision. Some of the most common issues with defective airbags include:

  1. Delayed Deployment

    In the event of a collision, airbags must inflate virtually instantaneously in order to protect vehicle occupants from serious traumatic injuries. When even a split second can make a difference, delayed deployment of an airbag can be too little too late.

  2. Failure to Deploy

    The dangers of an airbag failing to deploy are obvious. Vehicles are equipped with airbags for a reason (and federal law requires a minimum number of airbags to be installed in all new vehicles); and, when airbags fail to deploy, the consequences can be devastating.

  3. Unnecessary Deployment

    Another common issue involves airbags deploying inadvertently without impact to the vehicle. When an airbag deploys unexpectedly, the vehicle’s driver will have very little chance of avoiding a crash. In the event that an unnecessary airbag deployment causes a collision, occupants of both vehicles may be entitled to compensation from the defective airbag’s manufacturer.

  4. Injuries Due to Airbag Deployment

    Finally, injuries can result from issues with timely airbag deployments as well. For example, if an airbag inflates too forcefully (as has been the case with many of the defective Takata airbags), it can cause burns and severe lacerations from debris sent flying by the explosion.

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