Back Pain After a Car Accident

As attorneys, we work with clients who have a wide range of injuries. Many individuals experience back pain after a car accident. Of all the types of injuries seen by car accident lawyers, back injuries are the most common. Although injuries of this nature are very prevalent, it doesn’t change the fact that they can be quite severe. The unfortunate reality of back injuries is not only can they adversely affect someone’s life after they’re sustained, but a significant percentage of back injuries end up causing chronic and worsening problems.

Back Pain is a Common Result of Car Accidents

While there are a range of incidents that can lead to a back injury, car accidents are at the top of the list. One example of a specific back injury that often occurs after a car accident is the muscles that surround the spine get damaged. Even if those muscles recover, they may be part more prone to future complications than they would be if the individual had never experienced any trauma.

Lower Back Pain

The human back has 24 vertebrae that extend from the neck to lower back. In between those vertebrae are a total of 23 discs. The primary role of these discs is to act as a cushion. However, the force associated with an auto accident can cause one or more of those discs to get herniated or bulge out of their normal position. This specific type of back injury is especially common in the lower region of the back. Along with bulging and herniated discs, compression fractures are another common type of injury that can cause very severe pain in the lower back.

Upper Back Pain

Injuries to soft tissue often occur in the upper back. Whether the specific type of damage takes the form of a bruise or tear, the result can be very significant pain in the upper back. Flexion distraction fractures may also cause severe pain in the upper back. This injury actually occurs when people are wearing seatbelts. Although it’s always best to wear a seatbelt, the way this safety device anchors the lower part of the body can cause a large amount of pressure on the upper back. That huge amount of pressure can cause one of stress and even fractures of the upper vertebrae.

Neck and Back Pain

It’s not uncommon for people who have been hurt in a car crash to feel pain in both their neck and back. Things like soft tissue damage that can affect someone’s back can also cause an injury to their neck. So regardless of the specific areas where someone feels pain after a car accident, they should see a doctor as soon as possible.

Explore Your Legal Options By Contacting a Back Injury Attorney

From significant medical bills to an inability to work for an extended amount of time, there are a lot of side effects that can go along with a back injury that occurs after a car accident. If you’re thinking about filing an insurance claim or lawsuit, it’s best to first speak with an experienced attorney at the Law Offices of Ronald A. Ramos, P.C.. You can easily arrange a free and confidential consultation with us by contacting our office today.