Lost Wages

Lost Wages After an Accident

The injuries caused by a car accident or work injury can impact your life in many different ways. Healing from an injury can require a lot of time and treatment. One issue associated with many injuries is chronic pain or other long-term injuries that often result in the inability to work and lost wages.

Since lost wages are common after a personal injury, people often ask about what reimbursement is available for lost wages. With this specific category of damages, the lost income that’s covered can include both money lost from missed work, as well as reimbursement for work opportunities missed due to the lasting effects of the injury.

Recovering Lost Wages

The easiest part of the lost income equation is what was missed as a result of being unable to work. For example, if an injury prevents someone from working for two months and they would have made $6,000 during that time, this is the amount that will be initially pursued. The exact amount can be increased or reduced during negotiations.

One issue that people often wonder about is if using sick or vacation days during this period will affect how much income they can recover. The answer to that question is it doesn’t. As long as you can show the time you missed was because of an accident, you have a right to seek compensation for it.

In some cases, a personal injury claim can also include damages for lost opportunities. Common examples include missing a job interview or an important sales meeting. The key is being able to prove those opportunities were missed as a direct result of an injury.

Get Help from a San Antonio Auto Accident Lawyer

There’s a lot that goes into putting together a personal injury claim in San Antonio. While lost wages are an important element, there are other factors that need to be addressed as well. To assure nothing is overlooked, it’s helpful to have an experienced personal injury attorney representing you.

With legal representation, you can be sure that your best interests are always protected. Thanks to a track record that spans over 33 years, the Law Offices of Ronald A. Ramos can handle the lost wages and all other elements of your personal injury claim. For a free consultation, call our office at (210) 308-8811.