Merging and Sideswipe Car Accidents

Merging is a simple task that many drivers make unnecessarily complicated. On Interstate 10 and other major roads and highways in and around San Antonio, aggressive, careless, and distracted drivers routinely make merging mistakes that lead to harmful accidents. If you were injured in a merging accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, loss of income, pain and suffering, and other losses, and our San Antonio car accident attorneys can use our decades of experience to help maximize your financial recovery.

Common Merging Mistakes that Lead to Highway Accidents

At highway speeds and in heavy traffic congestion, even simple mistakes can have devastating consequences. The following are all common examples of merging mistakes that can entitle accident victims to seek financial compensation:

  • Assuming that Other Drivers Will Get Out of the Way – While most drivers will make room for merging vehicles if they can, this does not mean that those who need to merge should simply assume that other drivers will get out of their way. Whether due to traffic congestion or other factors, it simply may not be possible to accommodate an aggressive merging driver.
  • Failing to Adjust Speed for the Flow of Traffic – Merging drivers should adjust their speed to match the flow of traffic. Vehicles that enter the highway moving too slowly or exit onto offramps while traveling too fast can easily cause dangerous collisions.
  • Failing to Signal – Cars, trucks, and SUVs have turn signals for a reason. They let other drivers know our intentions, and they can significantly reduce the risk of a collision resulting from an unexpected merge.
  • Crossing a Solid Line to Merge Too Early – Oftentimes, drivers entering the highway will think they see an opportunity to jump ahead of traffic, and they will merge before a solid lane line turns into a dash. Drivers who merge too early are often speeding, and they frequently fail to check their blind spots for oncoming vehicles.
  • Not Checking Blind Spots – Even when drivers merge at the appropriate time, they still need to check their blind spots. Not checking blind spots (often in conjunction with failing to signal and other driving mistakes) is a common factor in merging accidents.
  • Speeding Up and Then Stopping Suddenly – Speeding up in order to “fit into” a space between vehicles and then stopping suddenly is a common cause of merging accidents as well.
  • Waiting Too Long to Merge or Driving Around Traffic on the Shoulder – Finally, while some drivers merge too soon, others wait too long. Drivers who merge inappropriately or use the shoulder to drive around other vehicles that are attempting to merge put themselves and others at risk for serious accident-related injuries.

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