Why Seek Medical Attention After an Auto Accident?

When you’re involved in an car accident in San Antonio, the first thing you likely do at the scene is evaluate how you are feeling. If you’re not showing any evidence of an injury, you may have made the decision to not seek medical care. This could be a big mistake, particularly if someone else was responsible for the accident.

Why is not getting medical attention a mistake?

The first concern is you may have injuries that are masked by the increased adrenaline in your body. Additionally, if you do not seek medical care right away, the insurance company could deny your claim stating that you had no injuries as a direct result of the accident. Seeking medical attention will also allow you to get advice from a physician regarding what symptoms you should watch for in the days following an accident.

Why would the insurance company deny my claim for not seeking medical care?

In nearly all cases, an insurance company will make the assumption if you didn’t seek medical care then you were not hurt in the accident. This is in spite of the fact that many injuries, particularly whiplash, soft tissue injuries and even concussions may not manifest immediately after an accident. Sometimes it takes days for victims to have symptoms such as dizziness, head and neck pain or even blurry vision.

Protect yourself from long-term problems

One of the most important reasons to seek medical attention immediately is you could develop long-term problems as a result of a car accident. Failing to seek care immediately could mean you may wind up with injuries that take longer to recover from, lose additional time from work and create a situation where an otherwise minor problem could worsen without care.

What if the doctor says I’m fine and I develop symptoms later?

If you develop new symptoms such as pain, numbness or problems with your range of motion in the days after an accident contact your physician immediately. Make sure they are aware of who examined you after the car accident and that you carefully document all symptoms. Your medical records will be used by both your attorney and insurance companies when discussing your claim.

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