What Steps to Take Immediately After a Car Accident

As San Antonio car accident attorneys, our office has seen many victims of injuries cause themselves additional problems because they fail to take specific steps following a car accident. Being involved in an accident is stressful and It’s only natural that your body undergoes a surge of adrenaline. There are certain things you should do to protect yourself and ensure your safety which are:

1. Stay With Your Car if it’s Safe to do so

If your car is not impeding traffic and not in a location that could result in additional harm to you or your vehicle, stay with your car. In fact, whenever possible stay in your car.

2. Contact Police and Emergency Response Teams

Use your cell phone or your passenger’s cell phone and immediately contact police and EMS teams. This is important as you will want a record of your call to them as well as a final police report detailing the accident.

3. Record as Much Information as Possible

If possible, record in note form (using your cell phone or a pad of paper) any details you can. This should include weather, time of day, the names of witnesses and their contact information, the name of the other driver and their insurance information. If your cell phone has a camera, take photos of the scene if possible including any skid marks, location of vehicles and any road signs or traffic lights.

4. Avoid Getting Into any Type of Discussions

While it’s important for you to explain the events surrounding the accident to law enforcement officers, use caution when discussing the accident. Be sure you don’t accept any responsibility or blame for the accident. For example, if you’re rear ended, you don’t want to admit stopping short. This type of admission, however innocent it may appear at the time, could hurt you later if you file a personal injury lawsuit. Never issue an apology or admit any type of fault.

5. Record Information if Your Vehicle is Towed

If your car is towed, make sure you get the information from the tow truck operator about where your car will be towed. You should also get the name and license information of the driver, the company name and operating address as well as their telephone number.

6. Seek Immediate Medical Attention

If emergency personnel offer to check you out at the scene allow them to do so. You should also be transported to the hospital to be thoroughly checked by a physician. Remember, the adrenaline rush from the accident could be masking any injuries and you want to have a record of being seen by a doctor.

7. Avoid Talking to an Insurance Adjuster

Immediately following an accident it’s a good idea to seek advice from a San Antonio car accident attorney. Chances are within 24 hours of an accident you’re likely to hear from the other driver’s insurance company. Do not give them any information as they will use any and all information to dispute any claim you may file.

At the Law Offices of Ronald A. Ramos we are committed to helping victims of car accidents recover their financial losses including medical bills, lost wages and damages to their automobiles. Call our offices immediately at (210) 308-8811 and schedule a free consultation. Remember, if we’re not successful in resolving your claim in your favor, it costs you nothing.