Lane Change and Sideswipe Car Accidents

For most of us, it is second-nature to check our mirrors, look over our shoulders, and flip on our turn signals before changing lanes. Unfortunately, while proper lane-changing procedure is among the first topics taught in driver’s education, some drivers still fail to take the simple steps required in order to change lanes safely.

This, like many other driving mistakes, is dangerous not only for the careless driver, but also for the other motorists on the road. Drivers who change lanes suddenly and without warning frequently cause accidents; and, at highway speeds, these accidents can have devastating consequences. In the San Antonio area, there are numerous accidents that are the result of improper lane changes each year, and victims of these accidents often face long and painful roads to recovery.

Proving Your Claim for Compensation After a Lane Change Accident

If you were injured in an accident caused by an improper lane change, it is important that you hire a San Antonio car accident attorney who can deal with the insurance companies for you. You could be facing substantial long-term financial and non-financial losses, and your financial compensation will most likely come from the other driver’s insurance company. However, the insurance companies won’t pay without proof of liability. In order to secure just compensation, you need to be able to prove that the other driver was to blame, and this means that you need an experienced attorney who can collect the evidence needed to pursue a successful claim on your behalf.

The types of evidence we use to secure just compensation for our clients in lane change and sideswipe accident cases include:

  • Vehicle Damage – The severity and location of the damage to your vehicle and the vehicle that hit you can help prove that the other driver was responsible for initiating the collision.
  • Skid Marks – Skid marks can provide further evidence that the at-fault driver drifted into your lane and that you were forced to brake suddenly in an attempt to avoid being hit.
  • Other Forensic Evidence – Other forms of forensic evidence, including photographs, debris in the roadway, and even the other driver’s phone records can all help prove that the other driver was negligent in causing the collision.
  • Witness Testimony – Witnesses may be able to testify that the other driver failed to use his or her turn signal and changed lanes into your vehicle.
  • Traffic and Dash Camera Footage – These days, in car accident cases, there will often be video evidence available. If your accident was caught on tape, we can use the footage to help prove your claim for compensation.
  • Accident Reconstruction – If necessary, we can hire expert accident reconstructionists to digitally recreate the accident for the judge and jury.
  • Medical Records – In addition to evidence of the cause of the accident, we will also collect as much information as possible about the extent of your injuries. Working with trusted medical experts, we can determine the long-term effects of your accident so that we can accurately calculate your claim for compensation.

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