According to reporting from News Four San Antonio, a bicyclist was recently injured in a hit and run accident. The accident occurred on July 5th in the west side of the city. Police reported that the victim was struck by the vehicle and knocked off of his bike onto the sidewalk. He was then transported to University Hospital for emergency medical treatment. As of the time of the reporting, the vehicle responsible for the accident has not yet been identified by city police. If located, the driver could face criminal charges for his or her failure to stop and render aid in relation to an automobile accident.

Drivers Involved in Accidents Must Stop

All too often, car accidents produce serious injuries. In these circumstances, victims need to receive medical aid as quickly as possible. It is critical that every party involved in an accident stops their vehicle and helps to get a handle the situation. Under Texas law , drivers involved in an automobile accident must stop their car. All drivers also have several other legal responsibilities. The failure to carry out these responsibilities can result in administrative sanctions, such as traffic tickets or the suspension of a Texas driver’s license, and in some cases, it could also result in criminal charges. To clarify the specific legal obligations for drivers, after an accident the involved parties must do the following:

  • Stop their vehicle as soon as it is safely possible;
  • Remain at the scene of the accident until highway authorities arrive;
  • Help injured parties obtain needed emergency medical attention; and
  • Exchange personal identifying information with others involved in the accident, this includes exchanging insurance information.

I Was Injured By a Hit and Run Driver, Am I Stuck With the Accident Costs?

Hopefully state and local police, and your attorney, will be able to help you track down the responsible party. The party responsible for the accident should be held accountable for the damage that they have caused. However, in the event that the hit and run driver simply can not be located, you still have options. In these cases, you are generally forced to seek recovery from your own insurance company. This is similar to what you would need to do if you were injured by the negligence of an uninsured motorist who had no available assets. There is no doubt that you still deserve injury compensation after a hit and run accident. Unfortunately, the bad actions of the other driver will make your situation more challenging. Your best option is to get your case in the hands of an experienced car accident lawyer immediately after your accident. Even if you were injured by a hit and run driver while on a bike, or while walking as a pedestrian, your lawyer may still be able to help you bring a claim.

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