Other Driving Distractions

Distracted driving is among the leading causes – if not the leading cause – of auto accidents in the United States, San Antonio, and throughout Texas. Each year, hundreds of thousands of distracted drivers merge without looking, run red lights and stop signs, rear-end other vehicles, and make other mistakes that result in serious, and often life-threatening, injuries.

With nearly 90 percent of young adults having access a smartphone, and with more than 90 percent of all Americans owning a cell phone, the majority of distracted driving accidents involve talking, texting, and using social media behind the wheel. However, the more “traditional” distractions have not gone away. Today’s drivers are more distracted than ever before, and this unfortunately means that more safe drivers are being seriously injured in distracted driving collisions.

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Distracted Driving Accidents: When Phones Are Not to Blame

If you were injured in a San Antonio auto accident that was the result of any form of distracted driving, we can help you secure financial compensation for your injury-related losses. We handle all types distracted driving accidents in the San Antonio area, including those involving:

  • GPS and In-Car Entertainment – Setting GPS directions, adjusting the volume, changing radio stations or playlists, and other distractions involving in-car technology are responsible for a significant portion of distracted driving accidents.
  • Personal Grooming – From putting on makeup to shaving, many people choose to take care of their personal grooming needs on their way to work or a night out. Too often, this is a costly mistake that leads to traumatic accidents and life-changing injuries.
  • Reading Books, Newspapers, or Maps – While many people get their information from their cars and phones, others choose to read books, newspapers, and maps while driving. Similar to handheld cell phone use, this takes drivers’ hands off of the wheel and their eyes and minds off of the road.
  • Passenger Distractions – Although studies have suggested that talking to passengers is less dangerous than talking on the phone, passenger-related distractions continue to account for a large number of auto accidents every year.
  • Eating, Drinking, or Smoking – Eating, drinking, and smoking can all be dangerous distractions, and it is alarming how many people will risk an accident in order to avoid spilling a drink or burning a cigarette hole in their interior.
  • Looking for Objects – From CDs to cell phones, many distracted driving accidents occur when drivers are searching for objects in their vehicles.
  • Rubbernecking – Distractions can also exist outside of the vehicle. Looking at accidents on the side of the road (“rubbernecking”), reading billboards, and paying attention to other incidents and objects can all lead to rear-end accidents and other dangerous collisions.

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