Car Accidents from Following Too Closely

At highway speeds, vehicles are traveling the length of a football field every five seconds. This leaves very little margin for error, and it is one of the primary reasons why most of us are taught the “two-second rule” (or even the “three-second rule”) during driver’s education. As a general rule, in order to reduce the risk of causing an accident, drivers should maintain a minimum of a two to three-second buffer between their vehicles and the vehicles in front of them.

Unfortunately, if you drive in the real world, you know that very few drivers follow this rule of thumb. Following too closely is a persistent issue here in south-central Texas, and it is to blame for a large number of rear-end collisions. If you were injured in a rear-end collision and you believe that the driver who hit you may have been following too closely, you may be entitled to financial compensation, and at Ronald A. Ramos Law Office our San Antonio car accident attorney can help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Common Injuries in Accidents Caused by Following Too Closely

With more than three decades of experience representing accident victims in the San Antonio area, we have seen more than our fair share of accidents caused by negligent driving. A sizeable portion of these accidents are the fault of aggressive, distracted, and reckless drivers who were following too closely. Rear-end collisions from following too closely can result in severe traumatic injuries, and these injuries can often lead to lifelong financial strain and permanent disabilities. Common injuries in these types of accidents include:

Due to the potential for severe and long-term complications from these and other injuries, anyone involved in a rear-end collision should seek medical attention right away. During your free consultation, we can help you understand your options for covering your medical expenses while your claim is pending; and, if you need help finding a doctor, we can refer you to a trusted medical professional.

Injured in a Rear-End Collision: What You Need to Know

Protecting your rights after an accident in Texas is complicated. If you have been injured, here are four key facts for you to know:

  • Seeking prompt medical attention is critical to your physical and financial recovery.
  • The long-term costs of your injuries could be far greater than the immediate costs of seeking treatment.
  • An experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to deal with the insurance companies for you while collecting the evidence needed to maximize your financial recovery.
  • Experienced personal injury lawyers handle cases on a contingency-fee basis, which means that (i) your initial consultation is free, and (ii) you pay nothing unless you win just compensation.

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