Mechanical Failure

Along with various forms of driver negligence (such as speeding and texting behind the wheel), mechanical failures are among the leading causes of vehicle collisions in Texas. In some cases, a mechanical failure can be solely responsible for causing an accident or accident-related injuries. In others, a mechanical failure may combine with human error or other factors to create a situation where a dangerous collision is unavoidable. In both types scenarios, the companies that are responsible for putting dangerous vehicles on the road deserve to be held accountable, and the individuals who suffer life-changing injuries deserve to be fairly compensated.

If you were injured in an accident, it is okay if you don’t know the specific factor (or factors) that led to your injuries. In fact, in most cases, it simply is not possible to determine the cause of a collision without a thorough investigation. Regardless of what you think may have happened – whether you suspect that your vehicle or the other driver’s vehicle was defective, or if there does not appear to be any explanation for the crash – we can investigate and collect the evidence needed to help you win just compensation.

San Antonio Auto Accident Lawyer for Mechanical Failures

At Law Offices of Ronald A. Ramos, we represent individuals and families in auto accident cases involving all types of mechanical failures. During your free consultation, we will help you understand if you may be entitled to financial compensation for:

  • Airbag Defects – Defective airbags can cause accidents and severe traumatic injuries. We represent clients in cases involving airbags that deployed too late, too soon, too forcefully, and unexpectedly without impact to the vehicle.

  • Brake Defects – Brake failures present obvious risks, and they can result from a wide range of factors. From defective pads and discs to faulty brake jobs, we handle cases involving all causes of brake failures, and we can help you seek compensation regardless of whether your brakes or another vehicle’s brakes failed.

  • Tire Defects – Some of the most-common issues with tires include tread separations, blowouts, rubber compound defects, and retread failures on large commercial trucks. We work with engineers and other experts who can determine if a tire defect is to blame for your injuries.

  • Other Vehicle Defects and Maintenance Issues – Along with airbag, brake, and tire failures, there are numerous other defects and maintenance issues that can cause and contribute to accidents as well. We take an exhaustive approach to auto accident representation that focuses on identifying all potential sources of financial compensation.

In addition to determining whether a mechanical failure played a role in your accident, we will also assess whether driver negligence, road defects, or other factors are to blame for your injuries. The financial and non-financial losses resulting from a serious accident can be substantial, and we want to make sure you recover as much financial compensation as possible.

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