Other Vehicle Defects and Maintenance Issues

While airbag, brake, and tire failures are among the most common defect-related causes of vehicle collisions, there are numerous other types of defects and maintenance issues that can lead to dangerous accidents as well. When seeking compensation for accident-related injuries, it is important to explore all potential causes and all potential sources of compensation, as maximizing your financial recovery can be critical to ensuring your long-term health and wellbeing.

Auto accident cases involving defects and maintenance issues present unique challenges. In order to protect your rights, you need experienced legal representation. At Law Offices of Ronald A. Ramos, we have more than three decades of experience representing accident victims and their families. San Antonio accident lawyer Ronald A. Ramos has a proven record of success in auto accident settlement negotiations and litigation; and, if you are entitled to financial compensation, he will fight tirelessly to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Defects and Maintenance Issues that can Lead to Vehicle Collisions

From a car’s electrical system to the cargo straps on an 18-wheeler, virtually all components of a vehicle have the potential to fail. When we investigate auto accident cases, we do not rule out any potential causes until we have isolated the factors that are responsible for our clients’ injuries. Along with driver negligence; airbag, brake, and tire defects; and other non-vehicle-related causes, other potential causes we may assess include:

  • Cracked or poorly-engineered wheels
  • Defective headlights, brake lights, and turn signals
  • Defective seat belts, buckles, and child safety seats
  • Engine and transmission malfunctions
  • Fuel system failures
  • Faulty accelerator pedals
  • Seat defects
  • Steering system failures
  • Window glass defects
  • Wiring faults and electrical component defects

Liability When Defects and Maintenance Issues Cause Car Accidents

Like most other auto accident claims, claims involving defects and maintenance issues are typically resolved through the insurance companies. However, in order to recover just compensation, you need to know which insurance company (or insurance companies) are liable for your losses. If a defect or maintenance issue is to blame for your injuries, we may be able to pursue a claim against the insurance company(ies) for:

  • A component manufacturer – The company that designed, engineered, and manufactured the specific vehicle component that failed.
  • A vehicle manufacturer – The company that installed a dangerous or defective component in your (or another driver’s) vehicle before delivering it to the showroom floor.
  • An automotive dealership – The dealer that sold you (or another driver) a defective vehicle or that performed negligent maintenance work on a car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle.
  • A maintenance or repair shop – The independent or franchised shop that failed to fix your (or another driver’s) vehicle according to the requisite standards and specifications.

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