According to reporting from the news outlet CBS19, a very serious eighteen wheeler accident occurred in Smith County, Texas on October sixth. The fiery accident involved two eighteen wheelers, and killed both occupants of one of the trucks. That truck was owned by the packing shipping company UPS. This horrible accident serves to remind us of how dangerous large commercial trucks can be on our roads. Their massive size means that these truck must be operated with the highest standard of safety in mind. If you have been injured in an accident with an eighteen wheeler, an experienced San Antonio truck accident attorney can explain your legal rights and options to you.

Truck Accidents Involve Federal Regulation

An experienced attorney is even more critical when it comes to accidents with commercial trucks. The operation of these companies and the laws that govern their operation have become increasingly complicated. Commercial trucking operations are regulated at the national level, and these Federal safety regulations could potentially have a significant impact on your case. Some of the major key federal safety regulations include:

  • The truck drivers must meet federal qualification standards;
  • The trucks must be comprehensively inspected for safety before and after every trip;
  • and finally, companies must comply with the strict limits on how much time a driver can spend behind the wheel.

These standards are in place because the Federal government has recognized that eighteen wheelers present a uniquely dangerous threat on our highways. Under United States law, the federal government safety standards apply whenever a commercial truck operates across state lines. But, the state of Texas has also decided to adopt the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. This means that the federal law is also the Texas state law in this area. A trucking company, and all of its employees, are legally required to follow all of these safety regulations. Failure to do so can be deemed negligence. An experienced trucking accident lawyer understands the unique legal framework that is at place in truck accident cases. Truck operations are also increasingly complex business operations and you will need an experienced attorney who understands how this could impact your personal injury lawsuit. For instance, the negligent party in any given truck accident could be the driver of the truck, or the driver’s employer, or even truck owner or manufacturer. There are many different parties which may be liable for your injuries, and if you are going to recover full and fair compensation, you must be able to determine exactly who can be held liable, so that they will pay for your damages.

Contact An Experienced San Antonio Truck Accident Attorney

Commercial trucks are involved in a disproportionate share of serious Texas vehicle accidents. It is important that every eighteen wheeler operating in Texas is operating at the very highest of safety standards. If you have been injured in an accident with a large commercial truck, do not hesitate to contact an experienced San Antonio truck accident attorney. At the Law Offices of Ronald A. Ramos, we use our decades of experience to help the victims of truck accidents recover full and fair compensation. Contact our office today to learn more about your legal options.