According to reporting from, an eighteen wheeler recently caught on fire and fell from a San Antonio overpass. The accident occurred on Monday, September 28th when a large commercial truck crashed into an unattended Chevrolet pickup. The Chevy was stopped on the shoulder of the 410 highway. Due to the substantial road damage, the northbound loop of the 410 had to be reduced to one lane for several hours. But, thankfully, there were only minor injuries reported in the accident. Large commercial trucks always have the potential to cause serious damage, if you have been injured in an accident with an eighteen wheeler, contact an experienced accident attorney as soon as possible. We will protect your legal rights.

Should You Settle After a Truck Accident?

To recover damages for an injury sustained in a truck accident, or any type of car accident, you will often need to file a civil lawsuit in relation to the accident. A settlement is simply an agreement between you and the opposing party that resolves the lawsuit before actual litigation is necessary. If you can reach a favorable and fair settlement, it is always good news. A settlement can save both parties a lot of time and a lot of money. However, an insurance company will never initially offer you a full and fair settlement. Often an insurance company will try to pounce on you and get a quick and unfair settlement before you have the opportunity to consult with a truck accident attorney. Many companies believe that they can lowball victims into a bad deal if they offer it quickly enough. It is extremely important to note that when you reach a settlement, you will almost always be giving up legal rights. Your settlement will usually include an agreement that prohibits you from taking any further legal action against that party.

Never Settle a Car or Truck Accident Claim Without a Lawyer

It is understandable to want to move on with your life after an accident. Ideally you will be able to reach a settlement relatively quickly and receive fair compensation. But a settlement is generally the end of the process. You must be absolutely sure you are receiving a full and fair offer. The insurance company will try to take advantage of your desire for a quick settlement if they believe that can get away with it. You need an experienced accident attorney to act as your advocate. Your attorney can comprehensively review your case and any settlement offers from the other side and make sure that you are being treated fairly.

Contact An Experienced San Antonio Truck Accident Lawyer

Commercial trucks are responsible for way more than their fair share of Texas highway injuries. Negligence on behalf of trucking operations is unacceptable, their vehicles are simply too large and dangerous if they fall short of the highest safety standards. If you have been involved in a truck accident, contact an experienced San Antonio truck accident attorney today. We have immense experienced dealing with large truck companies and their insurance companies and will fight hard for the victims injured in truck accidents.