Last week a very tragic truck accident occurred on Texas State Highway 183. An 18-wheeler hit the aerial ladder of a fire truck killing the driver of the 18-wheeler and seriously injuring three on-duty firefighters. The crash occurred when emergency personnel was responding to a previous incident involving a white GMC pickup. The fire truck was helping to control traffic at the scene of the initial accident when the 18-wheeler, which was traveling at highway levels of speed, hit the back of the fire truck.

Truck Accidents Remain a Serious National Problem

The most recent large-scale national data on truck accidents from the United States Department of Transportation is a 2012 traffic safety facts report. According to this report truck accidents were up 18% between 2009 and 2012 and fatalities resulting from those accidents were also up by 4%. Tragically, almost 4000 Americans die in large truck accidents every year. The majority of these fatalities are drivers or passengers of other vehicles. In the state of Texas alone, large truck accidents result in 350-550 deaths each year.

Truck Accidents Are Different From Typical Automobile Accidents

Large truck accidents typically have some unique causes that are either uncommon or non-applicable to standard automobile accidents. Truck drivers often drive unreasonable schedules, forcing them to work long hours. This makes the drivers especially susceptible to weariness and fatigue. The fatigue is a particularly dangerous combination when added to the fact that trucks are extremely large and often have difficulty seeing the smaller vehicles around them. Further, there are also road safety issues related to overloaded trailers or empty trailers. These, plus many additional factors, put large trucks notably at risk for dangerous accidents.

Understanding the Unique Legal Framework Governing Truck Accidents

Recovering damages from a truck accident can be complicated and an attorney experienced in truck accident law and truck regulation is critically important. Large trucking companies are well-staffed and these companies and their insurers have well-defined investigative procedures designed to give them the upper hand and limit their liability in an accident. An attorney on your side will help even the playing field. We have the experience to fully understand the legal process and will be working right from the initial accident by gathering and analyzing medical records and accident report records. And if necessary, even reconstructing the scene of the accident. It’s important to remember that there are a number of parties that could be liable for your damages if you are involved in an accident with a large truck. These could include the driver, the driver’s employer, the truck owner, the trailer owner, the company leasing the truck, the truck manufacturer, or possibly others. Our qualified San Antonio personal injury lawyer will have experience handling complex cases like this and will be able to determine which parties will have liability in your case. This is crucial for your full and rightful recovery of fair compensation.

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Unfortunately, with how common truck accidents remain many suffer tremendously as a result of them. If you find yourself or your family in this unfortunate circumstance, an experienced San Antonio truck crash attorney can help. If you have been in an accident with a company vehicle, contact us today.

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