According to a report from KSAT, a Somerset resident working as a garbage collector tragically lost his life in Northwest Bexar County. Reports state that the man, 26 was working for Metro Waste Systems at the time of the accident. Bexar County Sheriff’s Office investigators are still trying to figure out how the accident happened, but early reports indicate that the man was trapped inside the trash truck and crushed by the compactor.

Workplace Accidents

According to OSHA, 26 workers have died on the job in San Antonio since 2009. One of the most upsetting aspects of these accidents are that many of these tragedies are completely avoidable. When personal injury and wrongful death occurs in the workplace, it is often caused, at least in part, by negligence on behalf of the employer or other employees. Workplace safety measures and federal guidelines should always be followed and adequate training should be provided to avoid unfortunate tragedies such as these.