The investigative journalism organization Propublica, reports that the National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) will look into the growing trend of employers opting out of state run workers’ compensation insurance systems. Currently Texas is one of only two states that allow companies to opt out of workers’ compensation, but other states are considering joining. The move by NCOIL was prompted by an earlier joint investigative report from Propublica and NPR which raised questions about whether or not injured workers, at companies that have opted out, are receiving fair benefits for their injuries. Receiving fair benefits for work injuries can be challenging in this environment, and it is more important than ever that you have access to qualified representation. If you have any questions about work injuries in Texas, contact an experienced Texas workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible.

Did my Texas Employer Opt-Out of the Workers’ Compensation System?

It is vital that you find out the answer to this question. An employer that opts out of the workers’ compensation system in Texas is known as a ‘nonsubscriber’. Non-subscribing employers are required to follow certain procedures. One of these procedures requires that all non-subscribing Texas employers must notify all new employees, in writing, that the company has opted out of the workers’ compensation system. If you do not currently know whether or not your employer subscribes to the workers’ compensation system, then you should speak to your manager or the human resources department. If you have any concerns about doing this, or about anything else related to work injuries, contact a Texas workers’ compensation attorney immediately to make sure that your rights are protected.

I found out that my Employer Opted Out, Now what Happens After an Injury?

Even if your employer opts out, you may still be entitled to full and fair compensation if you are injured on the job. An injury sustained while working for a non-subscribing employer is treated much like any other injury that would have occurred on the employer’s grounds. For example, assume that you work at a grocery store and you slip on a very poorly marked wet floor and seriously hurt your back. If your employer decided to opt out of workers’ compensation coverage, then that injury would be treated just like it would be treated if it had happened to a customer at the grocery store. You will need to retain the services of an experienced Texas work injury attorney. As the Propublica investigation made clear, recovering fair compensation from non-subscribing employers has proven to be a challenge in recent years and the professional services of a qualified attorney has become more important than ever.

Contact An Experienced Texas Workplace Injury Attorney

Protecting the health and safety of Texas workers is critically important. No matter the type of employer you work for, you deserve full and fair benefits after you have been injured on the job. At the Law Offices Of Ronald A. Ramos, we work tirelessly for injured Texas workers. If you were injured at work, or if you have any questions about San Antonio work injuries, please do not hesitate to contact our office today. You can schedule a risk-free legal consultation to learn more about what our attorney can do to help you.