The Texas Tribune recently posted an unfortunate story of a Texas employee who lost on out workers’ compensation benefits because of an insurance company mistake. Juan Boston, a truck driver out of Humble, Texas, injured his back on the job in 2012. Recently, state regulators told Mr. Boston that his insurance company made a mistake and failed to properly record his injury three years ago. Mr. Boston has not received any workers’ compensation in relation to his injury up to this point. Getting fair compensation for work injuries can be difficult, this case once again demonstrates that the services of an experienced San Antonio workers compensation attorney are absolutely critical.

Work Injuries Must Be Reported and Recorded Properly

Mr. Boston’s insurer, the New Hampshire Insurance company, failed to properly record his back injury. Boston’s case has already gone through the Texas work injury bureaucracy, and Mr. Boston has lost out on workers’ compensation benefits. Of course, when his case was being reviewed, his work injury was not properly being taken into account because of the insurance company’s mistake. Unfortunately for Mr. Boston, his case is now closed. Under current Texas law, even though we now know that a mistake was made, his case cannot be re-opened. It is absolutely crucial that all work injuries are reported quickly and recorded accurately by the insurance company. Mistakes must be caught immediately. If you have been injured on the job, an experienced San Antonio workers’ compensation attorney can help you make sure that your insurance company is not making any costly errors.

Insurance Regulators Can Punish the Insurance Company

The Texas Division of Workers’ Compensation is empowered to punish the insurance company in cases like this one. It is good that the insurance company will be held accountable for their error. Of course, a company punishment will not give much solace to Mr. Boston, as it still leaves him out of luck and on the hook for the error of the New Hampshire Insurance Company. In past cases similar to this one, the state typically has fined the offending insurance company a modest amount and the specific worker whose cases got messed up has had trouble getting justice. Mr. Boston feels the system is broken and needs reform. His position makes sense, the Texas worker who is harmed by the mistake of large company should receive adequate compensation from the company. Boston has now taken his case to the district appeals court, which provides his last hope for some remedy.

Contact An Experienced Texas Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Injured Texas workers want to feel like they can trust insurance companies to, at the very least, accurately record and report injury information. Unfortunately, all too often insurance companies get sloppy and make mistakes. They must be held accountable. At the Law Offices of Ronald A. Ramos, our team has decades of experience helping Texas workers recover full and fair compensation after an on the job injury. We will make sure that your case is processed correctly so that an insurance company error does not cost you in the end. If you have suffered any type of work injury, contact our office today to schedule a free consultation.