The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently fined a company, Quick Roofing, for workplace safety violations. The fine, which was related to violations at a Conroe, Texas job site, was the company’s sixth fine in the last three years. According to the complaint, workers at the site were exposed to several different major safety hazards. Texas workers deserve better treatment. Nothing should come before worker safety. If you have been injured on the job, an experienced San Antonio work injury attorney can help protect your rights.

OSHA San Antonio Office

Workplace Safety Violations

An investigation into Quick Roofing’s safety practices began in late November of 2015. According to the OSHA citation, a safety inspector immediately noticed major fall protection violations. After a more detailed inspection, OSHA discovered other ladder and eye protection violations. According to Joann Figueroa, a Director at the OSHA Houston office, this company continues to violate common sense workplace safety regulations, and the continued non compliance will simply not be tolerated. In the end, the company was cited and fined for the following violations:

  • Inadequate fall protection: Roofers, and any other employees working at height, need to be protected from the risk of falls. According to United States Department of Labor statistics, falls account for nearly 50% of construction related deaths. Fall related deaths, and serious injuries, are fundamentally preventable. We know how to protect these workers, it is simply a matter of employers implementing adequate fall protection.
  • Hazardous ladders: Related to inadequate fall protection, ladders need to be used in a careful and safe manner. Improperly used ladders create a major risk for construction workers. OSHA ladder regulations require that ladders be placed at certain angles, and no steeper. Specifically, the ladder’s distance from the wall should be very close to 25 percent of the ladder’s total height. There is good reason for this, a ladder placed at a different angle simply is not safe from worker use. A steeper ladder may tip backwards, and a ladder at a less steep angle may fall forwards. .
  • Lack of eye protection: Finally, the company failed to ensure that workers were using proper eye protection. This company has repeatedly been cited for this specific offense. It is very disheartening to see an employer exposing workers to this type of danger. Eyes are extremely susceptible to serious damage. However, the use of simple eye protection can dramatically reduce the risk of eye injury. Whenever heavy machinery or dangerous chemicals are being used, proper eye protection is a must.

An Attorney Can Help

OSHA is responsible for the enforcement of workplace safety regulations, but only an experienced attorney can help you once you have been injured on the job. The work injury claims process is notoriously complex, and our team is here to make sure that you recover full and fair compensation. Whether you need to file for workers’ compensation, a work injury lawsuit against your employer, or a lawsuit against a third party, we can help. We will assess your case on an individual level and work aggressively to help you recover benefits. Contact our San Antonio office today online, or call us at (210) 308-8811, to schedule a free initial legal consultation.