News 4 San Antonio reports that four children were attacked by a dog at a north side elementary school. The children were attacked while playing at recess, two of them were hospitalized and required stitches. This incident is very disturbing. We would all like to believe that our children are safe from dangerous dogs on the school yard playground. If your child has been injured by a dog, you need to speak to an experienced San Antonio dog bite lawyer as soon as possible. Your child has important legal rights.

How did a Dog get on the Schoolyard?

This dog bite incident, which occurred at the Northside Independent School District, raises a number of questions. First, how did a dog get on the recess playground? These playgrounds should be fenced off and young children require adult supervision when playing outside at school. According to the report from News Four, there were actually multiple dogs around the school premises. Apparently, the dogs managed to access the playground through a gap in the school’s new fencing. Dog attacks can be very serious, even deadly, for children. Simply, these children should never have been near a roaming dangerous dog. Children must be protected. If your child is injured by the negligent actions of other party, a San Antonio personal injury lawyer can help.

Who is Liable for Dog Attacks?

Determining liability for any injury case requires comprehensive investigation and review by a qualified attorney. Each case is unique and many factors are at play. There are a couple of key factors to consider in dog attack cases. First, it is against Texas law to allow a dangerous dog to roam free. Beyond civil liability, there are potential criminal charges for negligent dog owners after an attack. In this school dog bite case, it is currently unclear whether or not these dogs had owners at all. But, if ownership can be established, then the dog owners can be held liable for allowing their animals to create unreasonable risk to children. Dog owners have a legal obligation to protect the public from their animals. Additionally, when your child goes to a school, daycare, business or a neighbor’s house, that property owner has a legal obligation to ensure reasonably safe conditions on their property. This falls under Texas premises liability regulations. For example, landowners can not simply allow dangerous stray dogs to roam on their property. The property owner, whether a business or a homeowner, has a legal responsibility to take proactive measures to eliminate known unreasonable safety risks.

Contact An Experienced San Antonio Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog bites and attacks occur far too often in San Antonio and around the state of Texas. Children are especially vulnerable and dog attacks can have devastating consequences for your children. Both dog owners, and property owners, have an obligation to protect innocent victims from dangerous dogs. At the Law Offices of Ronald A. Ramos, our legal team fights hard to protect the rights of dog bite victims. If your child has been injured in a Texas dog attack, please contact our office today so that you can learn more about your legal options.