KSAT.com recently reported on a very tragic motorcycle accident which resulted in the death of two motorcyclists. San Antonio police report that the accident is still under investigation, but a local resident near the scene of the accident theorized that the roundabout might have played a part. The resident claims that accidents have happened in that location before and that she has called the city several times to express her concern and suggest ways to make the roundabout safer. Motorcyclists are often characterized as risky and dangerous, at the Law Offices at Ronald A. Ramos we understand how unfair and destructive that stereotype can be. We understand that outside factors lead to motorcycle accidents just the same as outside factors lead to car accidents. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact an experienced San Antonio motorcycle accident attorney to learn more about your legal rights.

Motorcycle Popularity is Growing, but Motorcyclists Face Higher Risks

The Governors Highway Safety Association released a detailed report on the highway safety risks that motorcyclists face every time their wheels hit the road. The report determined that motorcyclists faced significantly higher injury risks than do the occupants of full sized cars and trucks. Further, the report noted that motorcyclist fatalities were up 14 percent over the last decade, a trend that they believe is largely attributed to the increased amount of motorcycles on the road. Texas, specifically, was noted as a having seen a large increase in serious motorcycle injuries. The report stated that Texas has also seen a very large increase in motorcycle registrations over the last decade, far outpacing the increase in car registrations. It appears clear that motorcycle popularity will continue to rise. The safety of bikers is extremely important. Other drivers on the road must be cognizant of bikes and realize that motorcyclists have the same legal right to safety as does everyone else on the highway.

Drivers Must Get Better at Sharing the Road with Motorcycles

The Governors association report offers a few solutions to combat the increase in motorcycle accident injuries. One that is particularly noteworthy is the recommendation that states find a way to encourage drivers of full sized vehicles to get better at sharing the roads with bikers. The report cites other federal studies that conclude that the majority of motorcycle accidents actually occur when a full sized car violates the motorcycle’s right of way. This cuts strongly against the incorrect stereotype that motorcyclists are risky and dangerous. Cutting off the right of way of another driving is one example of negligent driving. If you have been in an accident on a bike, an experienced San Antonio motorcycle accident lawyer can comprehensively review your case and determine if another party’s negligence led to your injuries.

Contact An Experienced San Antonio Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Bikers have the same legal rights as any other motorists. The city and other drivers have a legal duty to give motorcycle riders reasonably safe conditions. If have been injured in a motorcycle accident due to the negligence of the government or the negligence of another motorist, your have legal options. Contact a San Antonio motorcycle accident lawyer today to set up a free consultation.