Texas Public Radio (TPR), recently posted a report on the growing problem social media related nursing home abuse. This particular issue has been a concern for a number of years, and the trend seems to be still worsening. The first case of social media related nursing home abuse that received major national attention took place in Hubbard, Iowa in 2008. After very disturbing reports surfaced, Medicare conducted a throughout investigation of that case. Ultimately, the details were heartbreaking and showed just how terrible the toll of psychological nursing home abuse can be. It is clear from the recent reports that more must be done in order to protect our most vulnerable citizens from abuse at assisted living facilities.

Congress Has Taken Notice

Earlier this year, Iowa’s Chuck Grassley, decided to start looking for answers. He sent an inquiry to both private social media companies and federal agencies. The letter asked all parties what they were doing in order to address the serious problem of nursing home abuse. While the letter itself does not constitute any legislation action, it is certainly good to see a government official attempting to figure out what can be done to start addressing this issue. Senator Grassley’s letter sought extensive information on social media related abuse. Most noteworthy was his letter that was sent to the Department of Justice (DOJ), which asked for answer to the following specific questions:

  • Does the DOJ know many cases of nursing home abuse have involved social media or other forms of electronic communication? If the information is known, can the agency provide the details of each specific case of abuse? If the information is not known, is action being taken to get this information?
  • What proactive steps have been taken by the DOJ In order to help stop further instances of social media involved nursing home abuse from occurring? Does the agency intend to take any more action in the immediate future?
  • Is there any active investigation of social media nursing home abuse nursing that is currently underway?

Psychological Abuse Can be Extremely Damaging

Ultimately, nursing home abuse that involves electronic communication is a form of psychological abuse. Emotional or psychological abuse can be very harmful to nursing home residents. Bullying, mocking, and humiliating our loved ones in nursing homes is simply not acceptable. If this has happened to your family member, legal action must be taken to help protect them. Further, the responsible parties must all be held accountable. Remember, when you put your loved one into a Texas nursing home, you are putting a lot of faith in the hands of that facility. In turn, that facility is accepting the legal duty to provide your loved one with high quality care. They have a legal obligation to protect your loved one from physical or psychological harm. The facility itself can be held liable if any of their employees abuses your loved one on social media or by any other means.

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