Recently The Texas Tribune published a story on the challenge that Texas workers face after they have suffered an injury on the job. The story highlights the fact that employees, especially blue-collar workers, are often encouraged to hide their injuries. The anecdotes are extremely unfortunate, injured workers deserve fair compensation. It is important that every Texas worker knows their legal rights. Anyone injured on the job should immediately report the injury up the chain of command to their supervisors and contact an experienced Texas work injury attorney.

Injured Workers are Ignored

Included in the story from the Texas Tribune is the case of a man named Isidro Almendarez. Mr. Almendarez was a career carpenter who badly injured his hand on the job. At first, it is reported, that the hand injury looked relatively minor and the supervisor refused to allow Almendarez to officially report his injury. But, the hand injury continued to worsen and after about six weeks he finally was allowed to go to a medical clinic. Unfortunately, that is beyond the 30-day time limit to report a work injury in Texas, and the insurance company initially refused to pay benefits. Only after hiring an attorney and fighting a lengthy battle did Mr. Almendarez receive his entitled benefits for his injury. All work injuries should be reported immediately, you do not want to put your benefits at risk. Insurance companies will look for ways out of paying you fair compensation. It is against the law for an employer to attempt to intimidate you into hiding your injury. If you are injured on the job, you should speak to an experienced Texas work injury attorney immediately.

Employers are Not Documenting Many Workplace Injuries

The Texas Division of Workers’ Compensation told the state legislature last year that there has been a thirty-one percent drop in Texas workplace injury claims over the last ten years. On the surface, that seems like outstanding news. Workers are the backbone of our economy, and worker safety is extremely important. A substantial drop in injuries is something we would all celebrate. Unfortunately, the Texas Tribune notes that the division of workers’ compensation suggests that at a significant factor in the drop might be an increase in the under-reporting of workplace injuries in Texas. That’s extremely disappointing news and it puts the safety and benefits of our state’s workers at risk. Work injuries are often not reported because a worker is afraid of retaliation from an employer.

Contact A San Antonio Work Injury Attorney

Worker safety is of the utmost importance and we need to do everything we can to end the culture that encourages employees to hide their injuries. We can not accept workers being intimidated into not exercising their legal rights. At the Law Offices of Ronald A. Ramos, we use our extensive experience to protect the rights of injured workers. If you, or your loved one, was injured on the job and you have any questions, contact our office today for a free consultation.