According to KSAT 12 News, two loose pitbulls attacked two different men on San Antonio’s west side, resulting in both men being hospitalized. The first dog attack happened early Saturday morning at Cuellar Park on San Fernando street and the second took place on the grounds of the post office further down the street.

According to the report, San Antonio man, J.D. Mendez said he was walking home when the two dogs attacked him. The attack started with one dog, and while Mr. Mendez attempted to fight it off, the other dog attacked from behind, biting his leg. Mr. Mendez also sustained injuries to his arm before escaping, requiring 11 stitches after the attack.

Less than an hour after the initial dog attack, a 64-year-old man was bitten on the campus of the post office down the street. The man was raising a flag in front of the post office when the dogs charged him, viciously attacking his leg. Witnesses, including EMS first responders could see the incident and were able to render aid almost immediately.

San Antonio’s animal care services were able to locate and pick up one of the dogs Saturday afternoon. The dog had a collar, and it’s owner will likely face several citations.

However, with one dog still loose, it is advised that people in the area remain cautious.

When dog bites and other animal attacks occur, injuries can range from minor cuts and abrasions to serious injuries and even death. Dog bites can give rise to personal injury claims against the owners of the dogs and are typically covered by the homeowner’s insurance policy.

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