Unfortunately, school transportation accidents are fairly common. According to research conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 130 school transportation related fatalities occur every year. In addition, thousands more suffer very serious injuries. School buses must always be operated with the absolute highest standards of safety in mind. This duty is owed to the children and their parents. The inherent size of buses, and the amount of children on board, create inherent risks. Children can be injured by buses as passengers, in other vehicles, or as pedestrians. In fact, more children suffer serious school bus accident injuries as pedestrians than as passengers. This might not be surprising since small children spend so much time get on and off of these buses. Drivers, and any other bus personnel, must be looking out for the safety of these vulnerable children. It is clear that school bus operators need to do a better job looking out for the safety of young children. Victims of school bus accidents deserve fair compensation from the negligent party.

Who Can Be Held Liable for a Texas School Bus Accident

One of the factors that makes school bus accidents especially complex is that many different parties can potentially be liable. Specifically, this includes.

  • The driver of another vehicle
  • The driver of the school bus;
  • Your child’s school district;
  • A private company that was hired to operate the bus service;
  • A company that was responsible for bus maintenance;
  • The school bus manufacturer;
  • A government entity that was responsible for maintaining the roads; or
  • Any other party that caused the accident.

Ultimately, an experienced bus accident attorney should always review the circumstances of your child’s accident in detail. You attorney needs to identify all parties that could potentially be held liable. You will not be able to recover the full extent of your entitled compensation unless you are able to hold every negligent party accountable.

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